FW: 10 Dinner Party

17 11 2009

If I was at a dinner party, and there was a wizard there who said you could choose three people who have lived and died in history, to come back to life just once for this dinner party, I would not know where to start. I could sit down and literally make a list of hundreds of individuals I feel have affected not only my life, but the world we all live in. So three people. I’m going to go in groups of three, either, if they existed that is, Isaac Newton, Jesus Christ, Buddha. John Lennon, Bob Marley, Thomas Jefferson. Leonardo DaVinci, Karl Marx, George Washington. Ludwig van Beethoven, William the Conqueror (The actual guy not Mel Gibson) and Albert Einstein. If I could throw Charles Darwin in there somewhere I would..


INF: Research Question

10 11 2009

For this assignment, you will choose a topic of debate about an element concerning digital media and/or new technologies and investigate what others have written about this issue.

1. Will technology become too intelligent for man to control ?

We can already see that technology has become such an important aspect of modern society that we are without a doubt dependent on it. At this point in our society, we are in control of what we have created. We our dependent on it, but we are in control. The problem will arise if there is ever a time when we start to lose control of that which we are so dependent on.


FW #8 Best Costume

22 10 2009

The best Halloween costume I’ve ever seen, or the funniest I should say, was someone walking around my high school as a giant penis. It was one of those inflatable ones, and the teachers really did not know what to do. I think they made him leave as soon as he walked through the front doors. Not many guys would have the balls to do that. ha

FW #7

22 10 2009

I want to be happy when I grow up, playing music in front of thousands of people.

FW6: Favorite Toy

15 10 2009

As a young child I liked hot wheels, and sword fighting haha. My favorite toy though !? That is not easy, but I do remember having a wooden horse named Partnick who was the coolest horse ever. We were best friends. Favorite toy turned best friend in my 5 year old imagination.

FW5: 5 Things

6 10 2009

Five things I could not live without would be :






2 10 2009

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, moving to North Jersey after living in Toronto. Thousands of these small experiences, revealed in broad statements such as spearheading a group of 13 individuals to clean up National Parks in the U.S Virgin Islands, or coordinating and participating in concert events that brought over 400 people together; raising over $2,500 dollars for charity groups like Heroes and Cool Kids, uncover who I truly am. There is a natural aristocracy among men, the grounds of which are virtue and talents. With this said, I have come to understand why I have been born. As a young kid I was abnormally talented when it came to playing drums. I have a unique approach to music when it comes to songwriting, producing, engineering, and musical performance. My obsession with the never-ending path of mastering an instrument has carried over from playing the drums to playing the guitar. Lying in bed at night, I would ask myself over and over again, eyes closed, what makes you come alive? The answer is being you. After dedicated research I am in preparation to start a record label under the name 201 Records, recognized as a partnership between a long time friend of mine, Joe Lepore, and myself. After expanding our music through Bergen County, making contact deals, we started selling our music via Internet distributors, such as Itunes and Amazon. Performing on a nightly basis in New York City and the Tri State area led us in the direction of recording our first album, scheduled to be released early 2010 under our own label 201 Records. It is important to understand that everyone has a responsibility. With the gifts I have been given, from God, the universe, my parents, however you want to say it, I have a responsibility to be selfless. I have a responsibility to give back to those who never had a chance. Am I willing to work when no one else is working? Am I willing to be a voice of those whose concerns fall on deaf ears? Will I have the confidence to sacrifice myself for something more, to walk the road less traveled? It’s not up to me to decide, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion on it.